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Reverse Osmosis Systems for Office

Certain forms of water need advanced downside resolutionjust like the technology out there in our reverse diffusion filtration systems. Effective at removing impurities like metal, chloride, fluoride, and alternative difficult contaminants, reverse diffusion systems embrace point-of-entry installation that solves water issues several alternative filters cannot.

Advanced Aqua Guard Office Drinking Water System.


Reduces harmful impurities like lead, radium, aesthetic chemical element, ambivalent metal (chromium-6), and arsenic.May economize compared to mistreatment single-serve bottles from the shop.Improves the style of low, tea, pulverized drinks, soups, and recipes.Helps the atmosphere, as less fuel is needed to manufacture bottles, that reduces greenhouse gases, and fewer plastic bottles find yourself in landfills.
Optional association to a plumbed-in, gourmand kitchen appliance for coffee-house-quality beverages reception. Frees up valuable white goods area from pitchers and drinking water. Optional line to your ice maker for high-quality ice cubes.
Aquaguard water systems area unit third-party certified to perform as secure, and area unit backed by one among the foremost comprehensive warranties within the business. Meets the strict standards of National Science Foundation International.
The  Aquaguard Advanced  System are often maintenance-free with an area Aquaguard Water skilled to handle everything from installation to refills. we tend to conjointly provide a sublime designer regulator in an exceedingly type of designs to match any room.
*Impurities aren’t essentially in your water. Arsenic tested with most in flowing of fifty ug/L.


Options the foremost advanced level of filtration technology obtainable.
Thirteen advanced filter choices offer advanced filtration for water issues like lead, radium, chlorine, and arsenic. Maintenance-free style provided by your Aquaguard Service Technician WHO handles everything, as well as installation, filter modification, and filter disposal.
Designer taps obtainable in an exceedingly type of designs, colors, and finishes to match each room. Large-capacity, high-quality reservoir tanks make sure forever have many Aquaguard beverage obtainable.
Space-saving, efficient style that the Aqua System are often handily put in in an exceedingly type of locations. Quality watching with associate degree exclusive electronic monitor that ensures your system is functioning properly.

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