Water Softening and Filtration

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Aquaguard Water softeners don’t filter water within the ancient sense, they scale back water hardness by removing dissolved minerals, initial and foremost carbonate, and exchanging them with different minerals like K and atomic number 11. Our softeners facilitate to scale back scaling within the inside building complex pipes, industrial machinery, air-water-systems and far additionalparticularly fashionable food production plants are about to last for much longer and need less maintenance, if one in all our water softeners is integrated into the system.

Aquaguard softener regeneration method is once water already within the pipes of the house is recirculated through a softener. The regeneration method isn’t normal on all softener installations however comes with many edges in your water quality.Benefits embrace cleaner dishes and utensils once laundry, a additional economical hot-water heater leading to reduced utility prices, cleaner and brighter laundry, larger potency from appliances that use water and water that’s healthier to wash in and gentler on the skin.

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