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Water Softening


With Aquaguard Water Softening System in your home, everything that involves water gets higher – like showers, laundry, and dish wash.


Pull sparkling clean dishes and spot-free glasses from the dishwasher.


Wrap your softened body in a much softened towel when a softened shower.


Extend the lifetime of appliances and plumbing to actually get your money’s price.

YOU CAN GET 24% In energy savings* by mistreatment softened cool water to clean garments.

50% In reduced detergent costs* once laundry, hair and body in H2O.

30% More out of your water-using appliances* once water contaminants area unit filtered out.


As many of households experience the damaging effects of hard water It is caused by naturally occurring lime scale which is collected by the water source as it filters through rocks in the earth, before it reaches our water supply. In a hard water area, the symptoms can be seen all around the home. Scale leaves marks on your cutlery and crockery, stains your basin, bath and taps, narrows the plumbing in your boiler and tanks, and reduces the life span of your hot water system. Everywhere that hard water is used will be affected, not only unsightly visible effects, but more damaging and potentially costly, hidden effects too. Government statistics show that scale builds at approximately 1.5 mm every year. By the time this has built up to just 6 mm of scale your fuel efficiency can be reduced by up to 40%. Eventually, your plumbing and heating systems become so inefficient, they require replacement. Soft water will maintain your new heating system, bathroom and kitchen in pristine condition, prolonging its lifetime and maintaining efficiency. Soft water will revitalize your hot water system by reversing the symptoms of hard water. Soft water dissolves and washes away the scale in your plumbing, naturally returning its original condition and improving heating efficiency by up to 70%.

Aqua guard proposes to supply a Water Filtration Plant with Softener unit for this project. The objective of the treatment process is to produce processed water efficiently and economically from source of Bore Well/Municipal water supply. The filtration system to be provided will produce a product water quality of less than 50 mg/L hardness when operating on feed water, at a water temperature of 25° C with its design optimum efficiency to give maximum product at best result.

The Filtration Plant with Softener unit will be of robust construction and designed to conservative standards for versatility in the event of feed water quality and temperature variations. The system design will include provisions for easy maintenance, easy approach towards equipment, and auto backwash to minimize fouling and piping corrosion.

The Filtration Plant with Softener unit provided will include sand and softening unit, after softener multi cartridge filter will installed, the multi cartridge filter include 01 numbers of 5 micron filter to remove any undesirable impurities, material of construction for the fabrication of Sand filter and is FRP, and for softener material of construction is FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic), for polishing of soft water fine Filtration System are installed.

Cabinet Type Skid 

Function: To protect the plant from Weather, Heat, Rain, Ultraviolet light.

MS frame designed with double sided 3 ply fiber glass sheet & Thermo pore sandwiched. Fully Heat proof & water proof, Prevents from UV (Sun light). Fabricated in parts easy to install on roof,

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