Aquaguard has the best Commercial Water Filters and Ro Plants  with experience as a global supplier of  Water Filtration and related products for applications requiring the highest quality water filtration. Aquaguard’s long history of distributing water filtration systems and Ro Plants has cemented our reputation as one of the most trusted water treatment companies in the world. Aquaguard also provides the Top Water Filters For Home and Best Water Filtration Plant Price in Pakistan.

ultra commercial water filter for home


• Low Pressure Feed Pump
• FRP Vessel
• Control Valve (3 Way)
• Gravel & Silica Sand
• Activated Carbon
• Jumbo 20” Big Blue UF Membrane
• UV Panal / UV Lamp
• All Fittings Upvc

ultra commercial water filtration plant for home


• Low Pressure Feed Pump
• FRP Vessel
• Control Valve (3 Way)
• Gravel & Silica Sand
• Activated Carbon
• Jumbo 20” Big Blue
• UF Membrane
• UV Panal / UV Lamp
• All Fittings Upvc


Industrial & Commercial Water filters whether your problem is removing unwanted contaminants from tap water, industrial factory processes, or commercial operations, we have the efficient systems you need from our wide range of water filters. However, it is important to understand that any given filter is not designed to remove all contaminants, so it is best to understand which filters are best for your problem.


Aquaguard manufactures commercial, institutional, seawater, tap water, brackish water, and industrial water filters that remove:

Sediment and Turbidity
Iron and Manganese
Airborne Particulates
Unwanted Color
Our industrial water filters use tanks made from Stainless steel, epoxy-coated steel, or FRP (depending on your needs) and can be used in a variety of applications including municipal, institutional and industrial water filtration applications and almost any weather or condition.


With the use of the right pressure vessels, valves, and precision filters, Aquaguard industrial water filters can meet most water filtration needs.

Our units can be configured for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operation and require very limited technical knowledge.

The Multi-Media Water Treatment System is a significant improvement over individual media filters. This is mainly due to improved filter bed performance based on innovative use and selection of filter media. Multimedia filtration makes it possible to provide high-quality filtered water at a much higher flow rate than a traditional sand filter.


With a conventional sand filter, the lighter and finer sand particles are at the top of the filter bed and the coarser and heavier sand particles remain at the bottom after backwashing. The filtration takes place in the first few centimeters of the filter bed.

A Multi-Media Filter is flushed like a sand filter, with a reverse or upward flow of water through the filter bed. The different layers of media maintain their stratification as each material has a different density.

All Aquaguard steel and stainless steel industrial water filters contain high-strength welded steel pressure vessels designed for 100 psi working pressure and tested to 150 psi. Standard pressure vessels are fitted with inlet and outlet ports, a top-mounted fill port (manhole or manhole), and a side media extraction port. Due to the corrosive nature of other types of filter media, all carbon steel tanks are epoxy coated.

We design our filters taking into account suitable pressure vessels, automatic or manual control valves, media selection, and operating conditions. Our industrial water filtration solutions meet most water filtration needs. The equipment works manually with manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic valves, with PLC control or fully automatic and requires very limited technical knowledge. Backwashing can be initiated via a timer, an external signal from a central controller, or via a
differential pressure switch.


In addition to conventional media filters, Aquaguard offers a wide range of filter housings made of stainless steel with cartridges. The SSC Series is designed and manufactured for heavy-duty applications. We can offer various sample items to meet your specifications.



Industrial Water Filters are used to remove contaminants from water in industrial applications. The pores in these water filters are small enough to let water through, but not the particles that contaminate the water. Different types of industrial water filters are built for different purposes and can be used for different applications such as B. Water pretreatment for reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, UV sterilization, and ion exchange systems.




Industrial & Commercial water filters are used to remove particles from water or wastewater streams. While many types of industrial water filters can be used to remove suspended matter, only one of these filters is needed to produce filtered water. However, there are many cases where only a certain number and type of industrial water filters will suffice. Here are some things to consider when determining the right type of filter:

The total contaminants in the water. Whether the water should be filtered continuously or intermittently.
The particle size range.
The total suspended particles in the water.
The desired amount of suspended solids after filtration.
The size of the searched particles in the water after filtration.




Selecting the correct filter depends on several factors that must be considered to achieve satisfactory results. The maximum flow rate required the average water flow rate, the type of particulate matter, the quality of treated water required, and the availability of sufficient water to backwash the filter are basic parameters to consider.




Yes, industrial water filtration systems are an essential part of any industry that requires the use of clean, freshwater. Industries such as food and beverage, hospitals, hotels, power plants, and pharmaceuticals cannot afford to be stuck with bad water due to the impact on equipment and products. Serving substandard water drinks to customers will not be hidden and will damage the company’s reputation. Industrial water filtration systems are guaranteed.

The solution to delivering water that has the necessary safety, taste, and sanitation value that consumers expect. The process of industrial water filtration systems is effective in removing a variety of contaminants that affect water quality, such as lead, heavy metals, particulates, bacteria, viruses, chlorine, and its derivatives. This filtration helps prevent unwanted diseases or other health risks when contaminated water is exposed to humans through drinking or other means. As mentioned above, the performance of most devices can depend on the quality of the water they need to function, which directly affects the productivity and performance of industrial plants.

Due to the above reasons, industrial water filtration systems are increasingly used in industrial companies due to their efficiency in saving time, energy, and costs. The use of industrial water filtration systems can prevent the need to repair or replace poorly performing equipment and the loss of items due to off-flavors in food and beverages and other undesirable effects.

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